At Pylex, we strive to always provide the best service to our clients and stay in the forefront of new developments in the industry. We innovate constantly to offer you accessories and patio fence that install quickly and are attractive economic alternative to conventional materials, such as concrete. We are committed to always offer the highest quality materials to make your quick

With Pylex, you will deal with leading experts in the essential accessories for the construction of patios, galleries and fences, which will always listen to your needs and you support throughout your approach respecting your will, but also your budget.


Pylex is a family business which was founded in 1997. Prior to the leader that you know today in the design and distribution of building products, Pylex was a division of a company that was working in the patios facility and fences. At that time, she stood out by its technology foundation screws, which requires no concrete patio construction, with the foundation screw Pylex.

Since the Pylex company became a separate entity and has broadened its horizons by focusing on research and development of innovative products, sold in many service points. Each year, new products are developed and marketed through the hard work of Pylex employees and their willingness to always go beyond in order to offer you what’s best. Today Pylex offers over 150 high quality products and specialized in the field of building decks and fences.


With Pylex, you get the best guarantee. In addition to our many high quality products , certified and conform to codes of Canada and the United States building, you will have access to excellent service by employees to listen to your needs and that will target your goals for you offer the most suitable options for your project and your budget. At Pylex, we stand out by our attention to detail, our constant innovation and our ability to consistently satisfy our customers and to accompany them through all stages of their projects.


For several years in Pylex, we are committed to always offer high quality products and high reliability, manufactured to the highest standards, at very competitive prices. With us, you are guaranteed to be accompanied by a competent and professional team, which will properly advise you to simplify the implementation of your patio construction projects, gallery and closing.